What do I get in the MyCTOS Score Report?

What do I get in the MyCTOS Score Report?

  1. CTOS Score
  2. CCRIS Records (BNM)
  3. Dishonoured Cheque (BNM)
  4. Access to Rewards
  5. Personal Information (NRD)
  6. Directorship & Business Interest (SSM)
  7. Litigation & Bankruptcy
  8. Trade Referee Listings (eTR)

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    • I have renewed my driving licence via the MYEG portal and now, I want to register for the MyJPJ App. How do I get the LMM Security Code?

      Please check on the official receipt. The information is stated as per below: The code shall be in alphanumeric format.
    • Is there a fee? If yes, how to make the payment?

      Yes. The fee is inclusive of SST (6%) charges. For Business Profile Report (BPF) : RM35.00 per report For Essential Corporate Information Report (ECI) : RM70.00 per report For People Profile Report (PPF) : RM145.00 per report Users can make payments ...
    • How can this service assist me?

      It enables the user to purchase and instantly download Business Profile Report (BPF), Essential Corporate Information Report (ECI) and People Profile Report (PPF) with daily updated information filed by the corporations to ACRA. Every report is ...
    • How to create a CTOS ID account?

      Step 1: Login into your individual account. Step 2: Click "CTOS Score Self-Check" Step 3: Fill in your details and click "Continue" to register on the CTOS page. Note:- You are only allowed to create an account for yourself. As part of the sign-up ...
    • How to go about it?

      Select People or Corporate search type. Key in the person/corporate name or the ID/UEN Number that you like to buy a report or to obtain the result. Choose the type of reports. Note : The ECI report is only available on companies who have filed ...