How to open/activate prepaid account for Foreign Worker Permit Renewal?

How to open/activate prepaid account for Foreign Worker Permit Renewal?

1)    Login into your MYEG/1MID account.






2)    Click “Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia”.







4)    Click “Open Prepaid Account” for new user.





A pop-up indicating that you have successfully created a prepaid account will appear.

· You can use the prepaid account number to top up.

· We will email you your prepaid account details and terms & conditions.



6)    Click "Login Prepaid Account" to access your prepaid account with the provided details.


7)    Enter the username and password provided via email and click login.



8)    Create a new password for safety, as the provided password is only temporary.



9)    You can now view your balance amount on the prepaid account page.





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